10 Twitter Accounts for Dentists to Follow

10 Twitter Accounts for Dentists to Follow

Thursday, March 10, 2016/Categories: Allied Healthcare Insurance, Healthcare Business Tips

Dentists are busy people. Between all the cleanings, fillings, and root canals, you probably don’t have a ton of time to surf the web and find awesome resources that can help your practice or just bring some levity to your workday.

We decided to do some surfing for you and pinpoint the Twitter feeds that offer interesting and relevant information and are concise enough to read between appointments. Below are the 10 Twitter accounts we found that every dentist should follow.

Top Twitter Accounts for Dentists

  1. @AmerDentalAssn: The official Twitter page of the American Dental Association, the world’s oldest and largest dental association, keeps you updated on the latest ADA events.
  2. @ADANews: This is the ADA’s account for breaking dentistry news, research, and more. It offers more in-depth industry news than the above account.
  3. @YourADHA: The official Twitter account of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association provides tips and updates for the dental hygienists in your practice
  4. @AmerAcadPedDent: The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Twitter feed is full of advice for dentists who treat children.
  5. @SocialDentistry: Get interesting tidbits, news, and tips to improve communication between dentists and patients from Social Dental Network's feed.
  6. @DentristryIQ: The folks at DentistryIQ.com cover the latest dental news and techniques.
  7. @EINDentalNews: Check out this no-nonsense, straightforward feed full of healthcare news articles.
  8. @DentristryToday: Enjoy a constant stream of clinical news from the magazine Dentistry Today.
  9. @DentalArtHumor: Need a laugh break? Check out this account full of visual dental humor.
  10. @DentalCareGuide: When all you want are puns, jokes, and the occasional inspirational phrase, this feed can’t be beat.

Boost Your Dental Practice's Twitter Presence

Of course, you can always get your own dental practice in on the Twitter game. It’s a good way to keep patients updated and engaged in the intervening months between visits. Here are some ideas on how to get your account up to speed:

  • Put your Twitter handle on your business cards, appointment reminders, and other marketing materials.
  • Link to your account on your practice’s website.
  • Follow and interact with other local professionals to foster community building.

It might take a little while to build a following, but don’t discount social media when marketing your dental practice. Genuine content can create that personal touch that patients will remember when it’s time for another cleaning or when they are on the hunt for a dentist.

Dentists Beware: A Note about Advertising Risks and Social Media

If you do use social media as part of your marketing strategy, be mindful about what you post. A wisecrack about a competitor or a borrowed image from a Google search can lead to advertising injury claims against your practice.

Advertising injuries can include…

  • Copyright infringement (e.g., using images, literary works, or music without permission).
  • Slander or libel (e.g., making false statements about someone).
  • Invasion of privacy (e.g., posting something about a patient without their consent).

Luckily, your dentist General Liability Insurance can step in if you're sued over advertising injuries, often paying for legal defense fees and damages. Check with your insurance agent to see if you have this coverage before you go all-out on your social media marketing blitz.

Curious about the cost of dentist General Liability Insurance? Check out our page on dental business insurance rates.


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