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Acupuncturists, who build their practices on offering an alternative to traditional medicine, can face great legal risks. Because your practice involves setting needles in the skin of your patients, you could cause bodily harm, especially if the needles are not sterile. Plus, if you are the only practitioner your patient is seeing, you may come under legal fire should you fail to recognize when they need traditional medicinal help for serious underlying conditions.

And because you don't have to do anything wrong to be sued, you need business insurance that can save you from the expense of these legal threats. Even the smallest acupuncture practice benefits from adequate coverage, which can cover the cost of legal entanglements, property damage, and employee injuries.

At insureon, our licensed agents connect acupuncturists with the top-rated coverage that manages risks and keeps practices flourishing. When an unexpected disaster, accident or liability claim arises, you can rest assured that your practice will have the financial strength to survive the setback.

Based on the most common risks acupuncturists face, our agents recommend carrying…

About Malpractice Insurance for Acupuncturists

Malpractice Insurance (aka Errors & Omissions Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance) is essential for anyone who deals with the health of their patients. Ideally, the coverage is used to protect practitioners and patients when a mistake is made while rendering services. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, the patient sues simply because they didn't like the results, no matter what precautions you took to manage their expectations.

Covered Malpractice claims include assertions that…

  • Your practice was professionally negligent.
  • You failed to complete the contractually obligated work.
  • You provided faulty services.
  • You misrepresented you services to entice a patient to agree to the terms of a contract.

When a patient sues your practice for negligence or making errors while carrying out your work, your Malpractice policy will cover attorney's fees, settlements or awards, and other costs related to the initial charge.

Acupuncture Malpractice Insurance is offered on a claims-made basis. In short, this means you must have a policy in force when the alleged incident occurred and when the claim is filed. If you fail to meet both stipulations, you will not receive coverage for the incident.

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At insureon, we understand the risks your acupuncture practice may face and can help you mitigate those hazards with the appropriate policies. Give yourself the financial security you need to take care of your clients and grow your practice. Simply complete our all-online application to receive competitive quotes in minutes.

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