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Ambulatory surgery centers (also known as ASCs and surgicenters) are modern healthcare facilities that provide same-day surgical care, which allows patients to receive the operations they need more quickly than most hospital-based outpatient procedures.

As an ASC owner, you know your business is part of the community. People rely on your ASC and your talented surgeons to complete ophthalmology, pain management, urology, GI, and orthopedic procedures. You make patients healthier and happier by providing reasonably priced surgical care.

But running a business that specializes in outpatient surgeries comes with risks. For example, if something goes wrong, your ambulatory surgery center could be hit with an expensive Malpractice lawsuit. Plus, between surgical equipment and building space, you have a significant amount of money invested in your commercial property. If a tornado hit your center, would have the means to make the repairs and replacements you need to get your ASC in working order again?

Don't leave your surgicenter vulnerable to risks. With the appropriate coverages in place, you can rest assured that your ASC can survive an unexpected catastrophe. Our licensed insurance agents recommend carrying…

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Running an ASC takes dedication and plenty of caution. However, even the best-laid plans and safety measures can't prevent unexpected accidents, tragic oversights, or natural disasters.

When you're ready to outfit your business with the coverage it needs to survive a costly catastrophe, complete our free online application. Depending on your needs, our licensed insurance agents can compile and send competitive quotes for your review within minutes.

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