Animal Assisted Therapy Insurance

For animal assisted therapy professionals, the power of human-animal bonds is used to help patients break new ground during sessions. Animal interaction is often the spark that allows you to achieve goals quicker with your client, including establishing trust between you and the client or helping your client employ basic motor skills. Though animal assisted therapy is still a relatively new field, it's now used in a wide variety of careers — from psychologists and special education instructors to occupational therapists and nurses.

But working as a pet assisted therapist comes with a unique set of risks. For instance, if you use horses to help special education students learn to care for animals and to increase their strength and endurance, there's the chance that the animal could injure a student if your assistants get distracted for even a moment. If that happens, your practice could be sued for malpractice.

To protect your animal assisted therapy practice, you need the security a robust business protection plan offers. With the appropriate coverages in place, you can ensure your practice survives common setbacks, such as property damage, liability suits, and data breaches. That's why our licensed insurance agents recommend that animal assisted therapists carry…

Pet and Animal Assisted Therapists: Apply Online and Save 20%

From training your animals to offering counsel and advice to your clients, you have a lot on your plate. And with adequate business insurance, you can put the worry of liability suits and natural disasters on the back burner. That's because you have the assurance that when the worst-case scenario does happen, you already have a plan in place to handle it.

Ready to give your animal assisted therapy practice the security it needs to thrive? Complete our online business insurance application today! Depending on your needs, we can send you competitive quotes for comparison in minutes.

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