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Recreational therapists use dance therapy, art therapy, and music therapy to help people work through mental, physical and emotional blockages in their lives. Through careful assessment and working alongside medical staff, the client's family, and the client, recreational therapists offer the tools that help their clients recover basic mental and physical abilities. For example, if a therapist has a client who is paralyzed on one side of their body, the activity may be to pick up a paintbrush with their functional side.

But offering such services comes with risks. Sometimes, you may give advice or counsel that a client misinterprets, which can lead to self-harm. When that happens, the client's family could hit you with an Errors & Omissions lawsuit. And because you work with people with limited mobility or cognitive abilities, there's always a chance that during the course of your activities, the client could suffer an injury on your premises. Even a slip and fall could lead to an expensive court battle.

To keep offering your therapeutic services when one of these legal setbacks arises, your practice needs business insurance. A solid risk management plan for art, dance, and music therapists usually includes…

Therapists: Find Out the Cost of Business Insurance

Being a savvy business owner means planning for the setbacks you can't predict. When you have a business insurance plan in place, you can focus on helping your clients without the constant worry about what you would do if an accident happens.

So give yourself the peace of mind that comes with appropriate risk management. Our licensed insurance agents can help you find the policies that meet your budget and your most pressing concerns. To get started, fill out our all-online application, and we'll send you competitive insurance quotes for comparison.

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