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As a doctor, you help diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. By examining patients, assessing their medical histories, prescribing medications, and ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, you help your patients manage or recover from their ailments. In turn, it's your practice that makes healthier communities and families by giving your patients the tools they need to take charge of their health.

But running your private medical practice comes with the risk of lawsuits and property damage. As a medical professional, you are probably well aware of the devastating Malpractice suits that await a doctor who misdiagnoses a patient and worsens their condition. But what you may not be aware of is that not having the funds to cover a settlement or judgment doesn't protect you. Courts can collect on your personal assets if you are guilty of wrongdoing.

The best thing you can do for your private practice? Invest in a business insurance plan that protects your personal and commercial assets. With the help of adequate policies, you will have the "deep pockets" you need to cover a claim without jeopardizing your practice or your bank account.

Our licensed insurance agents recommend protecting your private medical practice with the following coverage types…

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You've built your medical practice, patient base, and staff from scratch. Don't leave your hard work vulnerable to the unpredictability of human nature and accidents. Instead, give yourself the security you need to run your practice and welcome new patients.

Get started today! Apply for a small business insurance quote from insureon. We know that as a doctor, you're pressed for time, which is why our application process is all online and takes just minutes to complete. Once you're done, one of our licensed insurance agents will send you competitive quotes for your review.

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