Insurance for Faith-Based Counselors

As a faith-based counselor, you offer your patients something that other counselors do not: the ability to understand and support the importance of your clients' faith. They turn to you so they can open up to someone who shares their beliefs rather than challenging them or treating their spirituality like a symptom. And according to a nationwide survey [PDF] New browser window icon. by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC), this is no small feat, as 83 percent of Americans believe their spiritual or religious faith is connected to their mental and emotional wellbeing.

But as you help your patients sort through depression, anxiety, and relationship problems, you open yourself up to the risk of lawsuits. If your advice leads your patients' harm, you could be sued for malpractice. If someone who doesn't work for your office has an injury on your premises, you could also be sued for damages.

Insureon's licensed insurance agents recommend protecting your business with adequate coverage so you can continue offering your services without fear of losing your personal finances if a tort arises. Based on your profession, we recommend carrying the following polices…

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As a faith-based counselor, you work hard to build your practice so you can offer your patients a safe place to improve their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. But if a setback arises and you don't have adequate insurance, where would your patients go for help?

Give yourself — and your patients — the assurance that your practice can survive the trials that come its way. To see your competitive offers from top-rated insurance carriers, simply complete our all-online business insurance application today.

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