Marriage & Family Therapist Insurance

As a marriage and family therapist, you help your clients manage and overcome problems with their families and romantic relationships. By listening to clients and asking questions, you guide them, helping them realize the underlying problems that interfere with their emotional wellbeing. By applying cognitive behavioral therapy, you help clients replace harmful thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with productive, life-enhancing ones.

And it's the family-centered perspective you bring to treatment that can help mend failing marriages or repair residual childhood traumas. You treat the relationships in addition to treating your clients.

But working intimately with clients and their personal lives can present certain risks for your practice. For instance, if a client is dissatisfied with your advice, they could sue you for malpractice. And if they suffered losses because of your advice or counsel, they could walk away from such a suit with a hefty award.

To protect your marriage and family therapy practice, you need a risk management plan that addresses your most common risks. That way, you have the peace of mind that no matter what unexpected turn comes your way, you have the means to handle the damages and still keep your practice afloat.

Our licensed insurance agents recommend a business protection plan that includes…

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About Mental Health Malpractice Insurance for Marriage & Family Therapists

Malpractice Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions Insurance, shields you from lawsuits over your services and the financial losses or physical harm that you may have caused.

Take, for example, the malpractice suit an Illinois man filed against his former marriage counselor who seduced his former wife. The man alleged that the therapist encouraged him to confide about his marital woes, only to use the information to connect with the man's wife during sessions with her. The plaintiff settled out of court, collecting a cool $200,000 in damages.

Other malpractice claims could arise from you failing to coordinate treatment with other professionals, such as psychiatrists and social workers. You could also be sued for not reporting child abuse, which most states require therapists and other professionals to do.

When you have Malpractice Insurance, you'll be covered for…

  • Professional negligence.
  • Failure to complete contractually obligated work.
  • Provision of faulty or shoddy services that jeopardize the client's health.
  • Misrepresentation of services, such as not having a license to practice (which is required by all states).

Malpractice Insurance is claims-made coverage New browser window icon., which means your policy must be in force both when the alleged incident occurs and when the lawsuit is filed. If you meet both conditions, your policy can cover attorney's fees, settlements, and other costs related to the initial charge (up to your limits).

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As a family and marriage therapist, your patients rely on your availability. You may even be the only person they trust with their problems. So if you are hit with an exorbitant liability claim and you are forced to close your practice, where would they turn?

Give yourself and your patients the security that comes with a thorough risk management plan. No matter what twists or turns you encounter during your career, you will have the coverage to raft you through.

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