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As a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid instructor or training center owner, you are accustomed to worst-case scenarios and high stakes. When a victim is suffering from cardiac arrest, chest compressions can provide artificial circulation by manually pumping blood through the heart; artificial respiration can push air to their lungs. A well-trained practitioner can prevent extensive brain and tissue damage if it's not too late for the victim.

That's what you offer your students: the opportunity to learn these life-saving techniques and receive CPR and first-aid certification. And because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) New browser window icon. requires first aid and CPR preparedness in certain workplaces, you can help others adhere to federal regulations.

But whenever you offer instruction at others' workplaces or through your own training center, you open yourself up to risks. Make an error while delivering your services, and you could be sued for malpractice. If you damage someone's property while at their workplace, they could sue you for compensation.

To protect your CPR and first-aid training center from the high cost of worst-case scenarios, our licensed insurance agents recommend a robust business protection plan that includes…

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From fires to liability suits, an adequate business protection plan can ensure your CPR and first-aid training business stays afloat even when the situation looks bleak. Protect your services so you can keep helping your community. When you complete our all-online business insurance application, our licensed agents can send you competitive quotes in minutes.

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