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As a fitness trainer or aerobics instructor, you offer your clients the opportunity to improve their health and their lives by getting in shape. With your support, your clients meet new personal bests and weight-loss goals. Through boot camps, body pump, water aerobics, and other fitness programs, your clients learn why fitness is central to balanced and confident living.

But regardless of whether you work in a gym, a health club, clients' homes, or your own fitness studio, offering your services comes with certain risks. If you own your fitness tools and supplies, such as free weights, mats, steps, fitness bands, and sound equipment, you run the risk of having your property lost, damaged, or stolen. Then there are malpractice lawsuits to think about. What happens when you fail to notice that your student's lifting form is wrong and they injure their back? You could be hit with a devastating lawsuit for the losses they've suffered.

In order to protect yourself and your business, you need a safety net in case hard times arise. Policies that can be helpful for fitness instructors include…

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When you specialize in helping your students and clients realize the full potential of their bodies, injuries, accidents, and mistakes are par for the course. However, you can never be sure how a person will respond, which is why it's essential to protect your personal finances from the unpredictability of human nature.

Safeguard your business and build a risk management plan that fits your needs. Complete a quick business insurance application to receive competitive quotes today!

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