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Hospice centers and home healthcare agencies provide medical services to help transition patients through difficult periods in their lives. While hospices focus on providing terminally ill patients with medical, emotional, and spiritual resources in the last stages of their lives, home healthcare professionals offer rehabilitative services to help patients recover after a serious accident or illness. And as the owner of either facility, you know that there are plenty of challenges in this line of work.

Hospice centers and home health agencies both dispatch skilled nursing staff to patients' homes. (Hospices also offer their services at the center, but for many patients, living out their last days at home is invaluable.) Working with high-need patients on their own property means your nurses have their work cut out for them. And if an accident happens and your patients suffer further injuries, your home health or palliative center could be successfully sued for malpractice.

To ensure your patients receive the best possible treatment without the constant worry of lawsuits and property damage, you need a business protection plan built for worst-case scenarios. Based on your industry and risk exposures, our licensed insurance agents recommend carrying…

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When it comes to taking care of your patients, you spare no expense. But to keep offering your services, your hospice or homecare agency needs a last-resort plan in case an accident, oversight, or natural disaster occurs. And a reliable, comprehensive business protection plan can be the difference between gracefully weathering a setback or sinking under the weight of the mounting expenses.

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