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Your laser eye surgery center offers patients that chance to enjoy the world with 20/20 vision. Your procedures — LASIK, PRK, and LASEK — are FDA-approved New browser window icon. for their safety and effectiveness in treating myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and mild astigmatism. After a successful laser treatment, your patients won't need their glasses or contacts to see clearly.

But even with a time-tested procedure, mistakes can happen and your patients may suffer as a result. Though sight-threatening complications (e.g., complete or partial loss of vision) from LASIK surgery are rare, there's still a chance you may not make a corneal flap correctly, which could further impair a patient's vision if not corrected during the procedure.

And as medical professionals know all too well, mistakes can quickly morph into hefty malpractice suits. That's why corrective vision surgeons are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance coverages. After all, an adequate business protection plan could be the difference between surviving a costly suit and declaring bankruptcy.

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LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Centers: Save on Business Liability Insurance

You've worked hard to build your client base and your practice. Now it's time to safeguard your laser eye surgery center from your most common risks and liabilities.

When you're ready to invest in your center's future success, apply for a free small business insurance quote from insureon. Our all-online process is a breeze, and within minutes of receiving your application, we can send competitive quotes right to your inbox.

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