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Liability Insurance for Massage Therapists and Bodywork Professionals

In 2010, over 60 percent of all massage therapists were self-employed — and responsible for obtaining their own small business insurance. In the past, many massage therapists avoided business insurance coverage, mostly because their risks didn't seem that great. But as massage therapy establishes itself as an important healthcare profession, more and more massage therapists view general business insurance, and particularly massage liability insurance, as essential to their long-term success.

Still, a large percentage of small-business owners don't carry adequate protection. But insureon specializes in helping niche-industry professionals find coverage. Here are the small business insurance policies we recommend to independent massage therapists…

It's common knowledge that not every modality works for every client and not every client is responsive to every technique. Skilled massage therapists must be adaptive during a therapy session, and likewise, your business insurance plan should be adaptive to your circumstances. Each of your primary policies can be adjusted to fit your business today and reassessed to fit your business in the future.

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