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As an optician, you specialize in helping your clients find eyeglasses or contacts that improve their vision and inspire confidence. Your optical store offers a wealth of styles, lens treatments, and designer frames — all of which you can adjust for the perfect fit. You even educate your clients on eyewear care, such as cleaning contact lenses or keeping glasses protected.

Once an optometrist or ophthalmologist passes along their patients' prescription, it's up to you to accurately translate that prescription into comfortable eyewear. And because you are considered a medical professional (according to most states), your business is susceptible to medical malpractice suits if you make a mistake in your services. The price tag that accompanies such claims is usually more than a small-business owner can comfortably spare. At worst, these claims could drive you out of business.

So just as you would ensure your clients receive the best products for their eyes, insureon offers your business top-notch insurance policies that account for your most common risk exposures. Given your line of work and your commercial property, we recommend an insurance plan with…

Opticians: Get A Small Business Insurance Plan in Minutes

As an optician, you have customers to help, prescriptions to fill, and a retail business to run. With all your responsibilities, time is not something you spare lightly.

That's why insureon's application process is entirely online, allowing you to get quotes anytime, anywhere. And best of all, it takes just minutes to complete. Depending on your needs, we can send you competitive quotes within minutes, too.

Ready to give your optical practice the comprehensive coverage it deserves? Receive a free quote today!

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