Physician Insurance

Between medical school and residency, physicians work a lot of long hours to get where they are today. Many doctors and physicians invest in Malpractice Insurance and other small business insurance to ensure lawsuits and unexpected legal expense don't ruin all their hard work and bankrupt their practice.

What insurance should physicians have? You're probably familiar with your malpractice liability risks, but there are other lawsuit risks that you could have as well. Patients could slip-and-fall at your office. A nurse could suffer a Workers' Comp injury. Your medical equipment could be stolen or damaged in a fire. The right insurance can protect you from some of these risks.

Physicians should consider the following insurance policies:

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Doctors and physicians can get customized insurance to cover their Malpractice, Workers' Comp, and General Liability risks. Insureon specializes in helping small practices when they strike out on their own. You're a pro at medical terminology, and we keep the application process simple so you don't get bogged down in insurance jargon. Fill out our online application with basic information about your practice and receive free quotes.

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