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The job of a social worker is never finished. Whether you're monitoring children and families, engaging in crisis resolution, conducting research, or teaching classes, you interact with lots of people, often in high-stakes situations. Social work liability insurance is an essential part of making sure that your practice is able to withstand whatever unexpected events crop up.

Imagine, for example, that a case study you published on your educational blog (identifying information redacted) was recognized by one of the people involved. She believes that other people could guess it was her you were writing about and decides to sue you for malpractice. Without adequate liability insurance in place, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in legal expenses and have to devote hours of your time (hours you definitely don't have to spare) to sorting things out in court.

Whether you work with foster families, people with addiction, community groups, or schools, the health of your practice depends on the support structures you have in place to handle the unexpected. Liability insurance is one of the most important support structures you can invest in. Some of the policies that are most helpful to social workers include…

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About Social Work Liability / Malpractice Insurance

It's no secret that social work often involves sensitive situations and requires you to work with people who are experiencing high levels of stress. Those are exactly the elements that require your unique blend of experience and skills — but they're also the elements that make your business particularly vulnerable to malpractice claims (also called professional liability claims).

Why? Because people are most likely to bring malpractice and other types of liability lawsuits when the emotional stakes are high. Even if you handle a case flawlessly and do the most you're able to for a client, you could face a lawsuit alleging otherwise. In those circumstances, social work liability insurance (and specifically social work Malpractice / Professional Liability Insurance) can pay the legal bills associated with the lawsuit.

Whether a client claims you improperly disclosed information or caused someone emotional distress, your Malpractice Insurance policy can step in to pay for lawyers' fees, court costs, and any settlements or judgments, if you're found liable. For more information about how this policy can protect social workers, check out our Malpractice Insurance page.

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