Yoga Teacher Insurance

Today, yoga's popularity in the United States is greater than ever. As a yoga instructor, you have the privilege of helping your students find peace, balance, and better health. But with an increase in yoga practitioners comes an increased exposure to risks for yoga teachers, especially in an environment where people of all fitness levels are attempting poses they may not be ready for.

Carrying liability insurance is an important part of caring for your studio and business in the same way you encourage your students to care for their bodies and minds. If, despite your suggestions of modifications, a student gets hurt in your class, they could bring a lawsuit against your practice. Depending on the nature of their injury, the associated costs could be enormous.

And the financial toll a liability lawsuit can take is just one part of the equation: your reputation as a yoga teacher could be damaged and you may face significant stress and anxiety as you navigate the legal system. Consider carrying these types of insurance to keep your yoga teaching practice safe…

Insureon: Custom-Built Insurance for Yoga Teachers

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