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Whether you've just started your own medical practice or have been a sole practitioner for decades, signing up for small business insurance can be daunting. First-time business owners aren't sure which policies they need or how much they'll cost. Seasoned business owners are looking for ways to lower premiums and avoid risk.

The good news: small business insurance doesn't have to be confusing. Our risk management experts are glad to help you learn more about your coverage and find ways to save.

Below we've put together some resources that explain how your insurance works, when you'll need to use it, and what you can do to reduce your risk exposure.

Articles and eBooks

Healthcare is a massive industry, and it doesn't make sense to treat all providers the same way. That's why we've written articles and eBooks that go into more depth about risk management strategies for massage therapists, nurses, psych professionals, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists.

HIPAA Compliance Walkthroughs and Guides

Few words can strike fear in the hearts of healthcare providers the way "HIPAA compliance" does. But worry not. Our risk management experts have put together these HIPAA guides to help you make sense of your HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

Quick Answers about Small Business Insurance and Risk Management

Submit your risk management questions online. Whether you've got questions about small business insurance or HIPAA compliance, our expert agents will answer your questions.

Sample Insurance Quotes for Health Providers

Looking for an estimate on your business insurance? Browse these sample insurance quotes for healthcare providers. Whether you're a fitness instructor, social worker, or nutritionist, you can find sample insurance quotes specialized for your area of healthcare.

Sample Insurance Certificates for Healthcare Businesses

If you've been in the healthcare industry for a while, you know a thing or two about paperwork. An Insurance Certificate is a proof-of-insurance that documents that your business's coverage. You may need to show these certifcates to landlords, business associates, and third parties. See our sample Insurance Certificates to learn more.

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