How Much Does Business Insurance Cost
for Allied Health, Fitness, Mental Health and Medical Professionals

Before we go into the cost of Malpractice Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and other policies that might offer financial security to healthcare professionals, let's talk about what insurance quotes may look like for:

When you submit an online insurance application, one of insureon's insurance agents will customize quotes based on the size of your business and your area of health care. Your insurance quotes will be comprised of policies offered from top-rated carriers.

What Affects the Cost of Business Insurance for Healthcare Providers?

Depending on the size of your business and your malpractice risk exposure, your insurance premiums may be higher or lower. As you would expect, a healthcare practitioner like a doctor or a mental health professional that makes diagnoses, offers treatment, and prescribes medication might have higher premiums than a fitness instructor.

The trick to allied health small business insurance is getting coverage that's appropriate for the size of your practice and the type of work you do. Because insureon's agents have experience working with healthcare providers of all stripes, we can customize a policy and make sure you're paying for coverage that makes sense for your risks.

Cost Estimates on Business Insurance for Health Care Professionals

To help you out, we've analyzed the cost of insurance for a variety of healthcare practices. Below you'll find sample insurance quotes with cost estimates you can use to budget for your coverage.

Click on your area of expertise to read a sample insurance quote:

To compare the cost of insurance for healthcare businesses with small businesses in general, visit Insureon's Business Insurance Cost Analysis. New browser window icon.

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