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Do I need special coverage if I work with children?

Q: Do I need special coverage if I work with children?

Medical practices that work with children should take extra steps to secure the safety of their patients and their practices. In the insurance world, that means two things.

The first is making sure you and any employees are aware of your responsibilities for reporting instances of suspected abuse or neglect. Reporting laws are governed at the state level and often require certain professionals to report suspected child abuse to an established authority. Often, nurses, doctors, psychologists, and social workers are among those who are legally required to report suspected abuse. Failing to report suspected abuse could lead to a malpractice claim in the future.

If someone claims that a healthcare professional failed to report suspected abuse, Malpractice Insurance can cover the cost of any legal defense that's required.

The second important step to take for healthcare professionals who deal with children is purchasing abuse and molestation coverage. This coverage may be available as a standalone policy or as an endorsement to an existing liability policy. It covers the expenses associated with legal claims that someone in your practice abused a child they were charged with caring for.

Because insureon's agents specialize in insurance for healthcare companies, we can tailor any policy to fit your liabilities. If you work with children, simply tell one of our agents and they can build a policy to protect your business.

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