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Whether you're a doctor weathering long nights during residency, a nurse ready to deal with ER injuries, or a medical billing expert up to your sleeves in insurance claims, you know that the healthcare industry has more than its fair share of stress. To survive in this industry, you've learned to accept that things go wrong and you need to be flexible.

And yet, there are certain risks that you need to plan for. HIPAA violations, malpractice lawsuits, and other legal risks are so costly that healthcare workers need to have a plan in place from day one. That's where small business insurance can help.

Below we've compiled a group of resources — written by our healthcare risk management experts — to show you how to minimize your risk exposure, find the right insurance coverage, and protect your practice from costly lawsuits.



If you have a question about your small business insurance or healthcare risk management, talk with one of insureon's expert agents. When you call insureon, you'll always work with experts in business insurance for healthcare companies. We'll be able to answer your questions quickly and help you find the right insurance.

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