Taking Care of Liability
The Nurse's Guide to Liability Insurance and HIPAA Compliance

Chapter 1: Commercial Auto Liability Exposures for Nurses

Chapter 1: Commercial Auto Liability Exposures for Nurses

As a nurse, you may not immediately think of driving as an important part of caring for patients, but you have to get to them somehow. And if you drive for work, your personal auto insurance policy may not be enough to protect you. Why? Two reasons:

  1. Personal auto policies often exclude coverage for accidents that happen during business driving.
  2. If you work as an independent contractor and drive to and from your patients' homes to treat them, you may need a Commercial Auto Insurance policy.

Many nurses and nurse contractors work at their patients' homes and rely on their own cars to get them around. An accident that's excluded from a personal auto policy can leave a nurse stranded, both literally and financially.

Fortunately, you can easily add a Commercial Auto policy to your business protection plan to ensure your business is protected on the road. It's worth noting that you must have this policy if your car is in your business's name.

If you drive to meet patients, your personal auto insurance policy may not cover accidents that happen on your trip.

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