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As an audiologist, you use your expertise to determine the health of your patients' hearing. Your equipment measures the volume at which a person begins to hear sounds and their ability to discern the sounds they hear. If a patient suffers from hearing loss or vestibular abnormality, you employ your assessment skills to find the appropriate treatment options, which include ear canal cleanings, fitting and checking hearing aids, and fitting and programming the patient with cochlear implants. You may even counsel patients on how to cope with profound hearing loss by helping them learn to lip-read or use American Sign Language.

But improving the physical and mental health of your patients comes with risks. Between Malpractice lawsuits and the potential for property damage, your small practice could face serious consequences if you are not adequately protected with commercial insurance.

That's why our licensed insurance agents recommend a business protection plan that addresses your most common risks. These include…

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Give your audiology practice the coverage it needs to weather a costly claim so you can keep offering your services. Complete our all-online application so you can review competitive quotes from top-rated insurance carriers today.

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