Dialysis Center Insurance

Your dialysis center helps patients who are suffering from advanced renal failure or chronic kidney disease. Because your patients' kidneys can no longer remove waste and excess water from their blood, your center offers hemodialysis to artificially clean their blood. Trained healthcare professionals also instruct patients how to perform part or all of their hemodialysis treatments. Typically, patients receive the treatment three times a week for up to four hours at a time — and it's your center's expert work that allows patients to live relatively normal lives.

But running a dialysis center comes with its fair share of risks and concerns. While your machines do the hazardous work of cleaning the waste from blood, your nurses must properly set up the machines. If a tube or needle dislodges, your patients could hemorrhage. If a nephrologist overlooks a low hematocrit and doesn't order a blood transfusion, the patient could suffer heart failure. In both instances, your dialysis center could be hit with a costly malpractice suit.

To ensure your center can keep offering its services — even after an expensive lawsuit — you'll need adequate insurance coverage. Our licensed insurance agents recommend that dialysis centers carry the following coverage types…

Dialysis Center Owners: Get Multiple Quotes and Save 20% on Small Business Insurance

In today's litigious times, a business insurance plan can be the difference between bankruptcy and continuing to thrive after an unexpected event. And after all you've invested in creating your dialysis clinic, you deserve the protection a quality policy can lend.

When you're ready to explore your coverage options, apply for a small business insurance quote from insureon. Our all-online application is easy and quick, and once you finish, our licensed agents will send competitive quotes right to your inbox.

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