Occupational Therapist Insurance

As an occupational therapist, you treat patients with mental, physical, and developmental conditions through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. With your guidance, your patients can develop, recover, and improve the skills that daily life and work require. Patients with permanent disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, need your support so that they learn to use adaptive equipment (i.e., leg or knee braces, wheelchairs, and eating aids). Once they master these tools, patients can better control their living situations and function on their own.

But even the most skilled occupational therapist can make a mistake or oversight while working with developmentally impaired patients. And because your advice and counsel can determine the quality of daily life your patients enjoy, the stakes are especially high. If an accident happens because you didn't properly help your patient with their new equipment, you could be sued for malpractice. Without adequate coverage, a successful case against you would carry a devastating price tag.

With an appropriate business protection plan, however, you won't have to drain your own finances (and then some) to cover the cost of an unexpected claim. For occupational therapists, our licensed agents recommend carrying…

Occupational Therapy Professional Liability / Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance (also referred to as Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions Insurance) is the coverage you'll rely on when someone sues for errors you've made in your work that caused harm or financial losses. Occupational therapists run into malpractice risks if a patient slips and falls due to improper supervision or if a patient sustains burns from electrical stimulation and hot packs.

And even if you don't make a single mistake, any worsened conditions that the patient develops under your care could be blamed on your services. Fortunately, OT Malpractice Insurance covers lawsuits over…

  • Professional negligence.
  • Failure to meet standards of care.
  • Provision of shoddy or incomplete services.
  • Misrepresentation of your services.

If you find yourself tangled in a stressful, expensive, and unpleasant medical malpractice suit, you can rest assured your insurance covers legal defense fees, settlements or judgments, and other costs related to the charge (up to your policy limits). However, because Malpractice Insurance is claims-made coverage New browser window icon., your policy must be in force when the incident occurred and when the lawsuit is filed. Both conditions must be met to receive policy benefits.

Occupational Therapists: Save 20% on Small Business Insurance

Even the best-run businesses fall on hard times. And when you work with high-need patients, the risk of an accident or oversight is always present.

That's why you need an insurance plan that can raft you through unexpected upheaval. Our licensed insurance agents understand the hazards occupational therapists face and can tailor a business protection plan that fits your needs. When you're ready to get started, fill out our all-online application to receive competitive quotes in minutes.

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