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As a personal trainer or athletic trainer, you provide direction and support to help your clients reach their physical goals. Whether your clients want to get in shape for their wedding day or top a personal best, they rely on your services to sculpt and condition their bodies.

But offering your fitness and health services come with risks. If your program ends up causing harm to a client, you could be hit with a malpractice suit. This is especially true for athletic trainers (AT) who work under the direction of physicians (as prescribed by state licensure statutes). If a physician's advice causes a client's injury, you could still be blamed since you implemented it.

That's why personal trainers and athletic trainers need appropriate business insurance — to protect themselves from the risks they encounter while creating fitness plans and offering instruction. Based on your line of work and the property you use to optimize client care, our licensed insurance agents recommend a risk management plan that includes…

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After years of study, hard work, and entrepreneurship, you've built your personal training or athletic training business from the ground up. And now, you need a risk management plan that can offer you the financial stability you need to grow your practice and your client base.

So let's get started. Complete our quick business insurance application to see cost-effective and competitive offers.

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