Business Health for Healthcare Businesses
How Insurance Keeps You Strong

Chapter 1: How Business Insurance Protects Allied Health Practitioners
Part 2: Which Insurance Policies Meet the Needs of Sole Proprietors and Independent Healthcare Practitioners?
Business Owner's Policies for Sole Proprietors and Independent Contractors

A Business Owner's Policy (or BOP) is a bundled package that combines General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance for one affordable premium.

In order to qualify for a BOP, your small healthcare business must NOT….

  • Have large offices or lots of employees. Because BOPs are tailored for small-business owners, there is a limit to the square footage and number of employees you can have and still qualify for this plan.
  • Work in a high-risk environment or workplace. Typically, medical offices are considered low-risk, whereas construction sites would be considered high-risk.
  • Need more than a year's worth of Business Interruption Insurance. This coverage can be added to the Property Insurance portion of a BOP. A Business Interruption Insurance policy offers funds to replace income you're unable to earn when you're forced to temporarily close by a covered Property event. The compensation you receive is based past earnings.

Most small private practices and medical offices can easily meet the requirements for a BOP. In return, they save money on their protection plan and still enjoy essential commercial coverage.

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