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Types of Massage Liability (and the Insurance That Helps You Manage Them)

Types of Massage Liability (and the Insurance That Helps You Manage Them)

Liability is a scary legal word that simply refers to your legal responsibility to pay a debt. In the insurance world, that debt could be a number of things, such as the damages you must pay when someone slips and falls on your premises.

For the sake of clarity, let's think of these potential debts as "risks" that come with doing business. Your financial risks come in many different forms depending on the size, type, and location of your business, as well as what work you do, how experienced or knowledgeable you and your employees are, and other factors. By this model, some businesses are just riskier than others.

To give you a better idea of what we mean, consider this: a copper mining company has many more risks to consider than a corner convenience store, and those risks may be a whole lot more expensive to cover with insurance. Why? Gargantuan, million-dollar earthmovers breaking down are a lot pricier to replace than a knocked-over sunglasses display.

"Liability" refers to your responsibility to pay a debt. For example, you can be liable for injuries your work causes your clients.

Because risks can vary, insurance companies group them together according to their type. Different kinds of risk are addressed by different insurance policies. It makes sense when you consider that certain liabilities can be more financially harmful than others. For example, the cost of a lawsuit over a slip-and-fall injury could be far less than the cost of a suit over an injury caused by massage work.

Even though you don't have to deal with quite the same risks as a mining company (nobody has tried a therapeutic approach to deep-tissue stimulation with high explosives yet), being a massage practitioner comes with its own exposures. To acquaint yourself with the insurance needs of your business, here are some liabilities massage professionals have and the insurance policies that can cover them.

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