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Malpractice for Massage Professionals
What Is Protected by Malpractice Insurance?

Malpractice Insurance policies aren't all created equal. It's important to know what your policy covers and how it protects you. Working with an insurance agent is a great way to ensure that your policy addresses your most pressing risks. An agent familiar with writing policies for massage therapists knows how to get endorsements (add-ons to your policy) that provide broader coverage and essential protection that you might otherwise miss out on.

For example, a policy that has molestation coverage protects you if you face a civil lawsuit for damages resulting from alleged sexual misconduct by you or your employees. This endorsement is not usually included in a general Malpractice Insurance policy.

Another essential endorsement is license defense coverage, which covers investigations into your license. This is a kind of malpractice claim that massage therapists are most likely to face in their career, according to The Health Law Firm New browser window icon.. License defense coverage pays for your legal fees when you're under an investigation that may result in action against your massage therapist's license or administrative disciplinary action. Such investigations don't necessarily accompany malpractice lawsuits, so standard Malpractice Insurance policies don't usually cover the risk. But defending your license can be an expensive legal process all the same, and not having the resources to defend yourself in an investigation may result in losing your license altogether.

Know your coverage and what you're getting before you buy it. Talk to you insurance agent to make sure your business needs are covered, and work with an agent who has experience insuring massage therapists.

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